Take a kid mountain biking day…Biggest TFKC ride ever!!!!

What a morning! Absolutely gorgeous weather and an amazing ride. We think we had over 100 riders and at least 50 kids and 50 adults joining us for the IMBA International Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.


-REI for mechanical support (our bikes have never been in better shape) and a fantastic cookout (the kids will never accept pb&j sandwiches on our typical Saturday rides again!!)

-Trailblazers for making vanilla, cherry vanilla and orange pineapple ice cream on site! And for providing awesome technical expertise on the trails.

-Dirt Divas for providing our official photographer and awesome technical expertise on the trails.

-Our amazing twelve TFKC volunteers for pulling the Fisher Farm trailer to Beatty (and back), unloading bikes etc. from both trailers, pumping tires, helping the kids be prepared for the ride, leading the three ride groups, and getting everything back into the trailers….without losing a single bike or kid!!

-The adults who brought the Lakewood, Hidden Valley, Southview Recreation Center kids and those who brought kids they work with, neighborhood kids or their own kids to enjoy the ride.

Your efforts resulted in nothing but smiles on kids faces from the time they arrived until they left (well a few weren’t smiling when they left because they wanted to stay!)

Paula Fricke

Trips for Kids Charlotte 

Trail Status

-Courtesy of the Tarheel TrailBlazers

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Lake Norman State Park
(704) 528-6350
Closed - 05/31/16 5:30
Park Road Park
Open - 05/29/16 10:00 pm
Back Yard Trail
Open - 05/29/16 10:00 pm
Sherman Branch
Open - 05/29/16 7:30 am
Renaissance Park
Open - 05/25/16 4:00pm
Southwest District Park
Open - 05/24/16 08:00
North Mecklenburg Park
Open - 05/24/16 11:30am
Big Leaf Slopes Park
Open - 05/24/16 09:00
Col. Francis Beatty Park
Open - 05/24/16 10:00 am
Fisher Farm Park
Open - 05/24/16 12:00 pm
Rocky River Trail
Open - 05/21/16 05:00 PM
Harrisburg Half
Open - 02/27/16 08:00am
Anne Springs Close Greenway
(803) 547-1019
Call for Status - 12/01/15 7:00
US National Whitewater Center
Trail Status
Click link - 12/01/15 7:00
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