Co-Presidents: Patty Smith and Jana Morris

Co-Vice President: April Wells and Cheryl Pepper

Treasurer: Allison Foil, assistant: Laura Gleason

Secretary: Danielle Suprick

Ride Coordinators: Kellie Muddiman and April Wells

Ride Administrator : Natalia Hill

Event Planner: Heather Burns

Assistant Event Planners : Diana Prince and Kellie Muddiman




Membership Director: Bobbi Kimsey

Volunteer Coordinators:

-Heather Burns (Winter Series), Bonnie Kleffman (Winter Series)

-Bridget Nudi (24HOB)

-Casey Bailey, Elizabeth Morse and Kellie Muddiman (Trips for Kids)

Special Projects (Project Angel): Stephanie Bush

Bi-Annual Trip Route Planners:

-Cathi Mowery and Madonna Conroy (leaders)

- Leanne McCann, Cathie Docherty, Cathi Mowery, Laura Gleason, Patty Smith, and Jana Morris

Ride Leader Coordinators: Leanne McCann, Cheryl Pepper, Silvia Brust, Kellie Muddiman, Patty Smith, Stephanie Bush, Emily Watts, Tracy Bray, and Brandy Pace

Subs: Stephanie Nelson, Cathie Docherty, Heather Burns, Layla Billowitz, Casey Bailey, Elizabeth Morse and Bonnie Kleffman

Year End Party Planner: Kellie Muddiman

Advocacy: Jana Morris and Ann Groninger

Webmaster: Brandy Pace

PR/Media: Noelle Frederickson and Becky Adams

Blogger: Abby Pepper and Kellie Muddiman


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