Day Trips

The Divas venture outside the Charlotte area several times a year for day trips to explore new trails. Locations are typically within 2 hours drive of Charlotte and have included places like Dark Mountain in Wilkesboro, NC; The New River Trail in southern VA; the FATS Trail System near Augusta, GA; and Clemson’s Issequeena Trails in SC; to name a few.


Day Trips to look forward to in 2014:

April 12, 2014 : Uwharrie Trails – located in Troy, NC

June 28, 2014: Bent Creek Trails  – located in Asheville, NC

July 12, 2014: Kerr Scott Trails – located in Wilkesboro, NC

Built along the contours of the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir, North Carolina’s Kerr Scott Trails are known for flow. As one reviewer proclaimed, “It’s a roller coaster that’s free!”

August 23, 2014: Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park – located in Boone, NC

Rocky Knob is an 185 acre park in Boone, NC. Open for all skill levels and has three shelters and an adventure playground, and picnic areas.

October 11, 2014: Lake Norman State Park – Located in Troutman, NC

The Itusi trail system (which incorporates the Hawk, Hicks Creek and Norwood Loops) totaling approximately 6.5 miles, in length opened in 2003. The fast and flowing 6 mile Monbo loop opened in spring of 2007. Spring of 2010 welcomed the opening of the 5 mile Laurel Loop. The trails are a rolling, Tsali-esque type of ride. The flow is unbelievable, and Laurel Loop expansion was completed in 2012 which upped Laurel Loop to approximately 9.75 miles. More additions in 2012 included the Fallstown Loop (1.25 miles), the Fox Loop (2.5 miles) and the Wildlife Loop (4.25 miles) to the southern trails.  This brings LNSP to approximately 30 trail miles.  LNSP is a true epic ride, with something for everyone. The trail reverses direction on Jan 1st of each year, so check directional markers and details at the kiosk before starting your ride. Camping, swimming and showers are but a few of the park amenities.

    Trail Status

    -Courtesy of the Tarheel TrailBlazers

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    Fisher Farm Park
    Open - 07/25/15 1:00 pm
    Lake Norman State Park
    (704) 528-6350
    Open - 07/25/15 08:51
    Col. Francis Beatty Park
    Open - 07/25/15 7:30am
    North Mecklenburg Park
    Open - 07/24/15 4:00pm
    Park Road Park
    Open - 06/29/15 8:00am
    Back Yard Trail
    Open - 06/29/15 8:00am
    Sherman Branch
    Open - 06/29/15 7:30 am
    Signal Hill
    Open - 04/30/15 4:20.69 PM
    Jetton Park
    Open - 04/28/15 12:30pm
    Harrisburg Half
    Open - 04/28/15 12:30pm
    Rocky Branch Trail
    Open - 04/28/15 1200
    Rocky River Trail
    Open - 04/21/15 03:20 pm
    Anne Springs Close Greenway
    (803) 547-1019
    Call for Status - 06/02/14 8am
    US National Whitewater Center
    Trail Status
    Click link - 01/01/14 8:00 am
    Status only updated
    when conditions change

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