Weekly Rides

Once daylight savings time begins each year, the Divas have weekly rides every Tuesday. We meet at a pre-determined mountain bike park, divide into categories, ride, socialize, and have lots of fun encouraging each other and improving our riding skills. Each group has a leader who knows the trail and can assist you with riding skills. These are all volunteers. If you know the trail, you can sign up to be a ride leader at a Diva meeting. Please see the calendar to see where our next ride will be held. The trails page will give you directions. Updates on the forum will reflect last minute changes due to weather.


Dirt Divas Riding Categories


Beginner: This group is designed for someone with limited experience riding single track trails, has been riding for less than a year, does not ride very often, or frequently walks sections of trail due to technical ability. This group always has a ride leader, and the pace is slower, with opportunities to work on trail obstacles. There are frequent stops and plenty of time to re-group and catch your breath.


Casual: A leaderless group for the riders that don’t necessarily ride as fast as the intermediate group, but have more technical ability and endurance than beginners. This group is a more social ride, with frequent stops, but less work on trail-riding skills.


Intermediate: This group has a group leader and rides at a moderate pace. There are fewer stops, but the group will stop occasionally to re-group. This is the group for people who have been riding for a couple of years or have been riding consistently and have the technical skills to ride most of the trail obstacles on Charlotte trails.


Advanced: This group has a leader, and the pace is moderate to fast. There are few stops. The group will stop at any trail intersections or between laps (depending on the trail) so nobody gets lost or left behind. Generally, the riders in this group are technically competent and aerobically fit.


Race-Pace: A leaderless group, the race-pace group rides a fast pace with no stops, except to re-group between laps. This is for the advanced rider who wants to “hammer” and practice more high-intensity riding as would be experienced in a race.



Trail Status

-Courtesy of the Tarheel TrailBlazers

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Fisher Farm Park/Allison Farms Regional Park
Open - 05/27/17 8 am
Rocky Branch Trail
Open - 05/26/17 3:00
Lake Norman State Park
(704) 528-6350
Open - 05/27/17 8:20 AM
Col. Francis Beatty Park
Open - 05/27/27 7:00 am
Sherman Branch
Open - 05/27/17 7:00 AM
Jetton Park
Open - 05/26/17 15:00
North Mecklenburg Park
Open - 05/26/17 1:19 pm
Rocky River Trail
Open - 05/26/17 05:00 am
Renaissance Park
Closed - 05/22/17 7:00am
Back Yard Trail
Closed - 05/22/17 5:00 am
Jetton Park
Closed - 05/21/17 20:42
US National Whitewater Center
Trail Status
Click link - 05/04/17 8:13pm
Big Leaf Slopes Park
Open - 04/28/17 04:30
Park Road Park
Closed - 12/18/16 3:00 pm
Southwest District Park
Open - 06/19/16 4:00pm
Harrisburg Half
Open - 02/27/16 8:00am
Anne Springs Close Greenway
(803) 547-1019
Call for Status - 12/01/15 7:00am
Status only updated
when conditions change

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