Lake Norman State Park / Itusi Trail

The Itusi trail (which incorporates the Hicks Creek and Norwood Loops) total approximately 6.5 miles in length. The most recent addition to the LNSP trails was with the opening of the 6 mile Monbo loop in spring of 2007. The trails are a rolling, Tsali-esque type of ride. The flow is unbelievable, and the future expansion (The “Laurel Loop” – scheduled for completion in Spring, 2009) will add approximately 3.5 miles of advance level trail to the park. The following phase will up the Laurel Loop to almost 9 miles. A grant application to construct trail on 255 additional acres (11.5 trail miles) will make LNSP (at over 30 trail miles) a true Epic ride, with something for everyone. The trail reverses direction on Jan 1st of each year, so check directional markers and details at the kiosk before starting your ride. Camping, swimmimg and showers are but a few of the park ammenities.


12.8 miles


Take I-77N to exit 42, and turn left onto Hwy 21 (west?), and follow the Brown signs to LNSP (approx 7 miles).


Trail Status

-Courtesy of the Tarheel TrailBlazers

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Renaissance Park
Open - 10/07/15 12:00pm
Signal Hill
Open - 10/07/15 8:00 am
North Mecklenburg Park
Open - 10/06/15 12:00 PM
Harrisburg Half
Open - 10/07/15 08:00am
Jetton Park
Open - 10/07/15 08:00am
Park Road Park
Open - 10/06/15 5:15pm
Back Yard Trail
Open - 10/06/15 5:15pm
Rocky River Trail
Open - 10/06/15 03:30 pm
Sherman Branch
Open - 10/06/15 11:00
Lake Norman State Park
(704) 528-6350
Open - 10/06/15 8:43
Fisher Farm Park
Open - 10/05/15 5:00 pm
Rocky Branch Trail
Closed - 09/25/15 2000
Col. Francis Beatty Park
Closed - 09/25/15 7:30am
Anne Springs Close Greenway
(803) 547-1019
Call for Status - 06/02/14 8am
US National Whitewater Center
Trail Status
Click link - 01/01/14 8:00 am
Status only updated
when conditions change

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